What a year

It’s been over a year since we’ve had the time to write a blog or newsletter so now want to thank all our customers for their loyal support and patience during what has been the busiest year in the history of Dorvics. It’s been a rollercoaster of a year with the pandemic hitting and causing a global boom in cycling. We were permitted to stay open and sold out of every bike we had in the first month of lockdown, we experienced hundreds of customers getting old bikes out of sheds and garages and asking us to get them back on the road, supplies of new bikes and parts to repair bikes dried up but we managed to get most bikes on the road safely.

Then Brexit came, bikes and parts were held in ports by customs, there was a worldwide shortage of storage containers for sale (some stuck on a ship in the Suez Canal!), prices shot up due to demand, and so did new import taxes.

The Government launched the 50 cycle servicing voucher scheme but gave it such a short timeframe that there wasn’t enough capacity in UK bike shops to repair the number of bikes with the vouchers they had distributed.

Bike manufacturers started to re-open their factories after lockdown but still cannot get back to meeting the stock levels required for bikes and parts. Shimano, the world’s largest bike component manufacturer, claims not to be able to be back in stock full until the end of 2022. Frog Bikes, our favourite kids’ bikes, cannot supply any bikes this year which will be frustrating for parents at Christmas.

A year later and it’s still a challenge, bikes are in short supply, components and service parts are snapped up by many bikes shops as soon as they are available, our distributors are even rationing some parts. We are still soldiering on though, sourcing parts and bikes on a daily basis, custom building bikes where we can’t get certain types.

Add all of this to the massive growth in eBike sales this year and it really is a perfect storm. We sold out of eBikes in April, fortunately we have some great popular models from Raleigh back in stock and some lovely Crème eBikes from Europe just arrived.

So we would like to say a very big Thank You to all of our loyal customers, thanks for the custom, support, patience with servicing while we source parts and of course the endless biscuits that keep being donated to keep the Team going.

Team Dorvics