Trikes: a three-wheeled freewheeler!

Trikes: a three-wheeled freewheeler!

We know that two-wheeled transport isn’t for everyone. For those needing a little more confidence and stability, one more wheel can make all the difference…

At Dorvics, we’re fans of virtually all things pedal-powered. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to help a customer with a requirement that is a little bit different from the norm. Sometimes that’s things like tandems for touring couples, and occasionally we even supply vehicles beyond our traditional two-wheeled variety!

One of our recent satisfied customers has taken the plunge with this superb Probike trike, in an attempt to restore her confidence riding around the roads and Redways of the local area.

The benefits are many: for starters, the second rear wheel gives extra stability and removes any concerns about balance over bumps or potholes. Secondly, the wider frame naturally makes for a bigger comfort zone around traffic and other road users. And thirdly, the six-speed, thumb-operated Shimano gearing makes even climbing hills easy and gentle.

But on top of those plus points from the rider’s perspective, trikes really come into their own in the practicality stakes. This particular customer is delighted that she’s able to fit her shopping/grandchildren/dog (delete as applicable!) into the spacious basket on the rear axle, while the plus saddle and full chainguard and mudguard set make sure that all her rides are comfortable and dirt-free.

What’s more, the size of the machine makes it a much more difficult proposition for any budding thieves. There’s no need to find a bike rack or lamp-post to secure to: the trike can simply be locked up as it stands.

All in all, the Probike trike has been perfect for our customer, who has got her confidence back, found a new and exciting way of getting around, and a new way of keeping fit. And all for less than £500!

At Dorvics, we deal in far more than just road bikes. Trikes, tandems, town bikes, kids’ bikes and more – if it’s pedal-powered, the chances are that we’ve got it! To find the ideal ride for you this summer, pop into our Leighton Buzzard store (opening times below) or get in touch with us here.