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Getting an expert to get the bike to fit you, not you to fit the bike.

Book a professional bike fit carried out at Dorvics by Mark Kleanthous, British Triathlon level 1 & 2 Coach - Hundreds of cyclist have given Mark the thumbs up for helping them with a bike fit.

Once booked we will contact you to discuss a suitable date and time. The session will be held at Dorvics so we can make adjustments to your bike as needed on the day.

What we consider during our bike fit;

  1. Your individual measurements.
  2. Flexibility
  3. Core strength
  4. Asymmetry
  5. Muscle recruitment
  6. Cleat position
  7. Foot shape
  8. Foot rotation pronation or supination
  9. Stance
  10. Previous injuries & preventable problems

Without observing all of these factors it is impossible to complete a bike fit. The rider needs to be comfortable be able to function correctly and prevent injuries. We observe you cycling, take measurements of your body, look at flexibility, ask you questions about past sporting history previous bikes any problems like aches & pains what events you are training for.

How long does a bike fit take?

It can take anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes

A correct bike fit may feel better straight away or it can take 6>10 rides to get use to new position

  1. Improves comfort and avoid discomfort.
  2. Improves power
  3. Improves efficiency.
  4. Improves pedalling performance.

We monitor how the foot shoe pedal and legs all interact together which avoids misalignment that can store up causing an injury in the future.

A cyclist riding for 2 hours may make 13,000 revolutions, get that wrong and it’s an injury waiting to happen.

Who should a bike fit?

Anyone from an old lady with back pain to the 50 something doing his first sportive ride who has poor flexibility or knee problems to the person doing a charity ride on a penny farthing, those who have prosthetic limbs, to those using the best cycling machines by someone training for the Olympics to a world record attempt.

Our bodies sometimes do not tell us we have a problem until it’s too late!

The human brain has a limited capacity to remember the pain we experienced just the discomfort.

Those that think a bike fit is too expensive, my then often pay for treatment because of an incorrect bike position. The treatment will not solve the problem the bike fit will.

24 hour cancelation policy. No refundable if you cancel later than 24 hours before our agreed appointment.

If you arrive and your bike or shoes are not road worthy or your seat post cannot be moved and it is not possible to complete a bike fit then the time will be spent providing other information (nutrition training advice sweat rates)

Bike Fit Check List

Bike in road worthy condition.

Cycle Shoes Cycle Helmet Drinks Bottle Cycle Gloves (recommended)

Cycle clothing - appropriate clothing for the conditions as you may be required to cycle outside before and after your bike fit.

Seat post must be adjustable. Dorvis has a torque wrench to adjust your saddle & handlebars to the correct tension.

Bring money for any accessories you may require.

Mark Kleanthous has been cycling for more than 35 years and has covered 180,000 miles.

I will take measurements before and after your bike fit & provide you with these measurements.

Your bike fit will take into consideration both leg length & muscle tightness.

Your bike fit will take into consideration your flexibility & many other factors

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