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Orbea Kerum SUV eBike

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The Orbea Kerum SUV eBike

The new “ go anywhere, do anything” Electric Bike

How is Keram SUV more than a bike? The massive cargo capacity and all-conditions features mean Keram SUV can replace other forms of transportation. The freedom and mobility of a vehicle that moves easily through the streets on YOUR schedule make it the perfect partner. Picking up groceries, going to work, taking lunch to the park or exploring the dirt roads and countryside parks at the end of the week - Keram SUV easily handles these jobs without complaint.

The motor is smooth and powerful, handling is fun and confident. Durable tires and heavy-duty accessories are more than what you expect from a bike - but Keram SUV is more than a bike.

Features include:

  • A massive 500Kwh Bosch Battery and BOSCH Performance CX Cruise Motor
  • BOSCH Performance Purion Display
  • 12 Speed Shimano Drivetrain
  • 29” wheels with ‘no punctures guaranteed’ Tannus Armour inserts
  • 500 Lumin integrated lights
  • Waterproof Luggage from world leaders, Basil
  • Complete with cargo racks and robust mudguards

£3499 including luggage and Tannus puncture protection (£200 less without)

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