Spring Training: five tips for getting back in the saddle

Spring Training: five tips for getting back in the saddle

Getting the bike back out after a long winter? Struggling for motivation? Read our tips here.

We’ve all been there.

It’s spring. You’re dusting off the cobwebs in the garage, and getting the bike back out for the first club run since the autumn. And with everyone else in your group having kept their fitness up through the winter, you’re out of puff before you’ve even got up the Wing Road to the bypass.

It’s demoralising, it’s depressing and it’s enough to make even a strong-willed rider put the bike back in the garage with the spiders. But that’s no reason to give up!

With the warmer weather approaching, here are five simple tips and suggestions you can use to get yourself back up to speed in time for summer:


Baby steps first

Don’t get overawed by your clubmates bragging about their February 100-milers and snowy hill reps. Start with your own little distances at your normal pace – just by going to Woburn and back, for example – and gradually increase it by five miles each time you go out. Soon enough you’ll be back up at your normal weekly club-run lengths.


Support your local cafe

If those short rides sound particularly unappealing, then you can add a bit of variety by trying a new local cafe that’s normally too close to home to be visited. You never know: you might find a great spot to take the family to lunch later in the afternoon!


Bank Holiday bonanza

Training programmes always go better when there’s a goal to aim for at the end, but it can be hard to find the time to go and do something really special. That’s what Bank Holidays are for, and with two in May, they’re the perfect time to arrange a weekend tour with your mates or to try out a far-flung sportive.

And if you’re worried that you haven’t given your bike enough TLC over the winter, then make sure you bring it into Dorvics for a service beforehand!


New year? New gear!

Much of the challenge of cycling is psychological, especially if you’re out training solo. And sometimes you just need to give yourself a bit of a pick-me-up to make yourself feel special. So coming to Dorvics for a bit of retail therapy and getting a flash new helmet or a super-cool jersey can make you feel like a proper cyclist again.

From this writer’s own experience of trying to lose the beer belly, deliberately buying an expensive jersey one size too small is a great way of forcing yourself to get out there, shed the pounds and get your money’s worth…


Treat yourself to a new steed

Of course, there’s no greater feeling than swinging your leg over a brand spanking new Tifosi and taking it for that very first spin. Especially when you can show it off to your mates after a well-spent Saturday afternoon giving it a good polish. Not only can it give you a mental boost, it can inspire you to challenge yourself in the warmer months ahead and make yourself worthy of your new ride.

Pop into Dorvics and take a first look at your new pride and joy. We promise not to tell your other half…


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Thanks to Wayne Stiller for the photo of LBRCC rider Ross Gallacher in action – see more of Wayne’s work here.