Retro restoration: Bianchi Gold Race

Retro restoration: Bianchi Gold Race

The Dorvics servicing team weave their magic to get a neglected 1980s racer back on the road.

In amongst all the modern road and mountain bikes that pass through our servicing department, every now and again we get to deal with something a little special.

A great example of this came in February, when a beautiful old Bianchi Gold Race road bike was brought into the shop. It had clearly seen better days, but for our experienced servicing team, it was an opportunity for a bit of a project – and a chance for some nostalgia:

General manager Carl takes up the story:

“It was here when I started here and it had been left in a rowing clubyard in Surrey. It was hanging up on the wall outside! It had had some use from its various owners and it had been treated really badly. It had basically seized up, but it still had the potential to be a good bike.

“It’s the sort of bike I used to race back in the 1980s, so it was nice for me to work on. I basically stripped down every part first and put them through the parts washer that we have here at Dorvics. Then there was a whole list of stuff: re-cabling, new tyres, looked after the paintwork, checked all the spokes, and so on.


“Then I gave it a polish and away she went. It didn’t take me especially long, mainly because I didn’t need an instruction book for that one: that was all done from memory of dealing with those bikes at the time.

“The bike has gone back to the son of the original owner, who built it and then passed it down to his son. He used to ride it down to the rowing club but he left it there for years. Then the second son got wind of it and took it back. That second son then put it into us so we could give it a new lease of life, and I believe he’s taking it on a ride from London to Paris this year, so it’s nice to bring a great old bike like that back into use.”

As you can see from the pictures above, we’ve been able to take a fine road bike that had fallen on hard times and restore it to its former glory. Even better, instead of just sitting somewhere as an ornament, it’s actually being used for some proper riding. After all, that’s what bikes are for!

Whatever the bike, and whatever its condition, the friendly team at Dorvics can help you get it back on the road. To find out more on our servicing and repair options, click here.