Within the world of cycling, no matter if we are a world champion,  a commuter,  a club rider or out cycling with friends and family, we all at some point have been subjected to the cyclists enemy.. punctures!

These can happen at any time and can so often be caused by the most minute piece of sharp debris finding its way into the inner tube with almost a guaranteed delay to your ride while attempting to fix it. Over the years there have been various solutions to this age-old problem but none have ever really fully succeeded in saying goodbye to punctures.  Although good at sealing punctures tubeless setups still don’t prevent a need for a repair at the side of the road or trail and many recommend carrying a spare inner tube for those that won’t seal. Solid tyres have also been tried but these can be tricky to install and don’t have the same feel as a traditional tyre. There is also the challenge of being able to fix a puncture at the side of the road too. We understand that not everybody has the ability to carry out the repair themselves to get back riding so this can lead to other problems.

We have now been lucky enough to discover Tannus Armour inserts. These clever devices allow almost any tyre to be given good puncture resistance while still maintaining the look and feel of a traditional tyre with inner tubes.  Due to the 15mm central core and the 2.5mm sidewalls it provides a fantastic level of protection which will withstand a lot punishment from sharp objects that would normally bring a ride to an immediate halt. In the unlikely event a puncture does occur it doesn’t have to be a problem or result in an unscheduled stop. Due to the clever design a tyre using Tannus Armour inserts can still be ridden at up to 6mph with no risk of damage to the wheels even when fully deflated.

We have now been testing Tannus Armour Inserts in the real world and so far have found them to be a positive addition. They can be fitted without any special tools by a home mechanic but we can only give the ‘no puncture guarantee’ if we fit them as it’s easy to pinch the tube when fitting. You also need thumbs like the Incredible Hulk to get the tyres on with these inside!

Due to using a smaller inner tube than would normally be used a lower pressure can be run to get the same feel as a traditional set up. When out on the roads and tow paths in our local area there has been one noticeable improvement using the Tannus Armour Insert.. no more punctures!

This is no April fool! We are so impressed and confident with the performance of the Tannus Armour tyre insets that if you have them fitted by us and do get a puncture, we will repair your puncture(s) for free for the entire life of your tyre. These are an excellent choice for eBike riders as taking the rear wheel off a heavy eBike at the side of a road can be quite challenging.

The Tannus Armour insert provides an additional layer of protection against many types of tyre damage and punctures. The Armour absorbs a huge amount of the vibration from the ground and dissipates the energy evenly in the tube. The result is a much smoother, quieter, more comfortable ride that is also fast rolling. Team Dorvics will supply and fit the inserts with new inner tubes to your existing wheels and tyres for just £99 per pair. Sizes available include 700c over 28c wide, 26″ , 27.5″ and 29″.

No more punctures with these fitted

Why not book your bike in for a service and get some of these fitted at the same time, you can easily book a convenient time slot for yourself here https://dorvicsservice.as.me/schedule.php