12 10, 2020

No Punctures Guaranteed


Within the world of cycling, no matter if we are a world champion,  a commuter,  a club rider or out cycling with friends and family, we all at some point have been subjected to the cyclists enemy.. punctures! These can happen at any time and can so often be caused by the [...]

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4 03, 2020

The 10 best kept secrets at Dorvics..


1/10 every bike we sell comes with one year free servicing saving up to £115. You don’t get that when buying from the internet. 2/10 every bike we sell comes with a full manufacturer’s warranty so we look after warranty issues for you. You will not need to send your bike back [...]

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2 02, 2020

How to help you and your bike in the winter


How to protect your bike in the winter It’s difficult, occasionally uncomfortable, riskier, and tough on your bike, but whether you’re a road racer, MTB trailer, or a devoted commuter, winter riding is still definitely worth it. Not only does it set you up for a successful season of riding in the [...]

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2 11, 2019

November 2019 News


  November 2019 Bumper Newsletter It's been quite a while since we sent out a newsletter as the shop has been very busy. We've seen a massive growth in people wanting new bikes and an unbelievable surge in demand for eBikes. So now as we come into the quiet months before Christmas [...]

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2 07, 2019

Taking your bikes on holiday?


It’s that time of year again when we’re all looking forward to our summer holidays, ferry is booked, accommodation sorted, car serviced, currency exchanged but have you remembered that you’re taking your bikes? The bikes that have sat in the garage since the last trip, the kids bikes that have been ridden [...]

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17 06, 2019

Dorvics Goes Greener


Cycling is a fantastic way to protect the environment and keep us and our planet healthy, but there is still a lot more to do. Here at Dorvics we’re always looking at ways to do our bit for the environment and have looked at how we manage waste. All of our cardboard [...]

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9 05, 2019

12 Great reasons to love an eBike


For some riding an electric bike may seem like “cheating” but for many others it makes travelling by bike far more accessible and enables them to start incorporating more exercise into their daily routine. Electric bikes are fast becoming more mainstream and you may have even started to see them on Leighton [...]

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6 05, 2019

Cycle shop cyclists


Dorvics Ashley Lewis headed the field on Sunday with Leighton Buzzard road cycling club (LBRCC). Barry Fitzpatrick went out with the group on his first long cycle route. Barry works in the shop most days and with Ash committed to a 30 mile route. Pretty good distance for the first time on [...]

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6 05, 2019


E-bikes or electric bikes have had a huge surge in sales at Dorvics. E-bikes are the fastest growing cycles on the market. They can be ridden as normal but when you tire or need a boost up a hill, just press the button on the handle bar and you can carry on [...]

14 04, 2019

There is such thing as a free lunch


Have a meal on us at Sorelli Cafe & Restaurant in Leighton Buzzard up to the value of £75 Book your bike in for a full service before the end of April and automatically be entered viagra generic krka into our draw for a £75 meal voucher at Sorelli in Leighton Buzzard. [...]

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