Cycle Insurance for peace of mind

Dorvics has partnered with Velosure, a leading cycling insurance provider to offer customers added confidence and security for your bike and cycling activity.

In 2021, pedal cycle traffic was up 45.7% higher than it was in comparison to 2020. The Department for Transport has stated that these are the highest levels of cycling on public highways since the 1960s, so the need for bicycle insurance is increasing.

Bicycle insurance protects you against financial loss and inconvenience when unexpected events can happen. This could be an injury, theft, or damage, either to your bike or to someone else’s property. Cycle insurance is something riders might consider because cycling involves a lot of valuable equipment.

It is possible to cover certain cycling risks on your home, health and travel insurance policies. However, this can be expensive, and it leaves surprising gaps in cover.

Velosure package the relevant cover in one, simple, product that can extend to;

  • High-value bikes
  • Multi-bike cover
  • Bicycle in storage
  • Cover for races and competitions, including triathlons
  • Overseas travel with high-value bikes and cycling abroad
  • Cover for specific parts of the bike, including wheels and seats
  • Accessories cover — Sat Navs, helmets, clothing and water bottles
  • Broken bones and physio payouts
  • Race fees — Should you have to cancel because of an injury or sickness

Cyclists might think they’re aware of the dangers of cycling, but there are many scenarios that can cost more than expected or cause major inconvenience if not covered. Dangers like black ice, potholes or other racers can come at a large expense and can happen to anyone.

Unexpected expenses can come as a real shock. Paying for a taxi to the hospital or work, lost entry fees for races and private physio appointments can soon add up. Having bicycle cover in place can protect you from being out of pocket when you need it most.

Home insurance can often feel like the simplest way of insuring your bike, as it keeps everything neatly in one policy but never assume your bike is covered by your home insurance. Although most home insurance companies will provide some basic bicycle cover under standard policy, it’s likely to have a maximum claim per item, which can be as low as £500.

The excess may also be higher than other household items, and, if you do have more than one bike, you may find there’s a total claim value maximum on all bikes. So check for policy extension options that allow you to insure you bikes for closer to the true value.

Today’s cyclists expect to cover bikes with a value beyond most home insurance. They also want cover for theft away from home not just at the home. More importantly they expect accidental damage cover whoever is at fault. 

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