Five reasons to jump on a Frog!

Five reasons to jump on a Frog!

From tiny tots to trying teenagers, we’ve already had plenty of interest at the shop about our new range of Frog kids’ bikes.

But what makes these bikes so great? Our owner Ashley has picked out five key points that underline why Frogs stand out as the best bikes for your sons and daughters.

One: they’re adult-style bikes that fit kids perfectly
Frogs are styled to be like proper adult bikes in miniature, so that kids can emulate their mums, dads and cycling heroes. But that doesn’t mean that their ergonomics or comfort are compromised.

Ashley explains: “Frogs are like adult bikes but in smaller proportions; for example, brake levers are designed to be the right size for smaller hands to reach easily. They’re also available in a huge range to suit every size of child, which is why Frog provide an online calculator that takes your child’s inside leg and arm measurements and determines the most suitable bike for their dimensions.”

Two: they’re built to grow with the rider
Kids grow so fast that keeping them in any sport or exercise equipment can get expensive very quickly. Frogs, however, are the exception, and are constructed to be just as fun and easy to ride even when young riders go through growth spurts.

Ashley says: “Frogs are super-light, giving your child more confidence in how to handle a bike. They also come with exceptionally long seat posts, meaning the bike can grow as your child grows.”

Three: they’re worthwhile long-term investments
Getting a bike from the Frog range can give your child more than just a bike – it gives them access to a dynasty of bikes they can enjoy throughout their childhood. That might sound pricey, but thanks to strong resale values and trade-in opportunities, it doesn’t have to be.

“Frogs are attractive, popular bikes so there’s always interest in them from the second-hand market,” Ashley says. “There’s also a good trade-in scheme called Leapfrog, so either way, once your son or daughter is ready to move up to the next bike in the range, you’ll be able to trade up with significant savings.”

Four: they’ve got a style your kids will love
We all know how image-conscious kids can be. They’ll turn their nose up at the best bike in the world if it doesn’t look the part and turn heads. And from gender-neutral colours to easy scratch repair, Frogs have you covered.

Ashley explains: “There are lots of nice little touches for Frogs, including the use of colours like green and orange that make it possible to hand a bike down from a boy to a girl, or vice versa. But my favourite is the ‘paint plasters’: if you get a little scratch on your paintwork, you can cover it with one of the perfectly matched coloured stickers. All the bikes are also supplied with frame protectors to stop cables rubbing and ruining your shiny paintwork.”

Five: they’re easy and economical to keep running smoothly
While there are cheaper kids’ bikes on the market, going for the bargain-basement option is a false economy as they’re usually fitted with disposable parts. Frogs are made of high-quality components that are easily replaceable and serviceable, and with the help of Dorvics, they’re prepared to the highest standard, too.

“Frog don’t really like to ship bikes to home addresses as they want to make sure that the bike is taken from the box and built by a qualified mechanic. So by ordering from the Frog website, your bike can be delivered to Dorvics, where one of our specialists will build it to a ride-ready state. You can then bring your child down to the ship so we can fit them to the bike properly and give them a demonstration of how to use things like the gears and brakes.”

Is your son or daughter ready to hop onto a Frog? We’ve got a showcase of Frog models in store for you to check out, and within minutes we can order a bike for next-day delivery. Come down and have a look, or contact us here to find out more.