Discounted Cycle Locks Offer This Week Only

Discounted Cycle Locks Offer This Week Only

The Office of National Statistics reported in July 2017 that there is a decline in cycle theft in England and Wales. The report indicated that “Bicycle theft is a relatively low-volume offence, accounting for around 2% of all police recorded crime in England and Wales and accounting for around 5% of all crime covered. In the 1980s and early 1990s, bicycle theft rose (peaking at 660,000 incidents in the year to December 1995) before declining until around the early 2000s. This was followed by a general upward trend, between the year ending March 2003 and the year ending March 2011 with some year-on-year fluctuation. This follows a different trend to total crime, which since peaking in 1995 showed marked falls until the survey year ending March 2005. Since the year ending March 2012, the trend in bicycle theft has been on a general decline.”

That said and done, it is no consolation to those who are affected by cycle crime, especially children where to the year ended March 2017, an estimated 26,000 incidents of bicycle theft where the property stolen belonged to a child.

You may have read our previous article last month, where in conjunction with PCSO Rachael Carne of Bedfordshire Police, we ran a Security Marking event.

So this week and to further endeavor to tackle this issue, Dorvics will be offering up to a 20% discount off any Bedfordshire Police approved locks.

Ashley Lewis, proprietor of Dorvics commented:

“I am hoping the discounts being offered by the stores will encourage cyclists to review their current locks and decide whether they really will offer the best deterrent to thieves. While there is no guarantee that even the sturdiest of locks will prevent a cycle being stolen if the thief is organised and has the right tools it certainly will help reduce the number of opportunistic thefts.”