Cycle to work for less: Cyclescheme!

Cycle to work for less: Cyclescheme!

Want a new bike for commuting? Worried about the cost? Dorvics and Cyclescheme can get you saddled up.

Here at Dorvics, we’re proud to be part of the Cyclescheme programme that helps workers all over the country save on brand-new bikes for their commute. Whether you’re an employee looking at swapping four wheels for two, or an employer wanting to promote environmentally-friendly travel among your workforce, we can help.

Read on to find out how it works and how you can get involved:

So what is Cyclescheme in a nutshell, then?
It’s a scheme that many employers across the UK sign up to, allowing their employees to purchase a new bike and accessories in a financially efficient way. Workers buying a bike through the Cyclescheme have their National Insurance contributions from their gross salary reduced, and can spread the cost of their purchases over a 12-month period.

Why should I start cycling to work instead of driving?
Well, for a start, you’ll combine your commute with exercise, so you’ll quickly find that your health and fitness improves. There’s the capability to use designated cycle routes to beat the worst of the rush-hour traffic, and you’ll immediately save money on fuel and parking, too. Don’t forget that this isn’t just for riding directly to the office: if you travel into London or Milton Keynes by train and you normally drive to the station, you can save by cycling there instead.

So I can use this scheme to get any bike I want?
Well, nearly – let’s not get carried away with a Team Sky replica! The usual maximum cost allowed, including accessories, is £1000. That’s more than enough to get you a high-quality hybrid, road, mountain or electric bike for your commute, as well as a helmet, a lock and all the other essential bits of equipment you’ll need.

What if the bike I really want costs more than that?
If your total comes in above a grand, then you can use the Cyclescheme for the first £1000 and then settle the remaining balance directly with Dorvics.

OK, I think I’m ready to get my bike. What do I need to do?
The first step is to check with your employer that they are enrolled in the Cyclescheme. If they are, then pop into our shop in Leighton Buzzard town centre and pick out what you want. Once your request is approved by your employer, we’ll place the order. When your bike arrives with us, we’ll complete the build, check it’s roadworthy and call you to come and pick it up once it’s ready – normally within 72 hours. The bike will be completely ride-ready and fitted with all your accessories, so you’ll be able to ride it straight home!

If I’m trying to convince my employer to sign up to Cyclescheme, what’s in it for them?
For a start, their provision of an efficient ‘perk’ like Cyclescheme should promote goodwill within your workplace. Hopefully, it should also help make some of their staff healthier, and perhaps reduce a bit of pressure on capacity in the company car park!

If there’s anything else you’d like to know about the Cyclescheme, click here, get in touch with us (contact details below) or drop into our shop in Leighton Buzzard any time we’re open.