Ashley’s Cavazzo hits the road!

Ashley’s Cavazzo hits the road!

Last month, we explored the possibilities that the Tifosi Cavazzo range provides in helping you create a bespoke bike that’s perfect for you.

In the meantime, Dorvics owner Ashley has been hard at work building one to his own exacting specification. A couple of weekends ago, it got its maiden outing on an LBRCC club ride. Here’s his account of how he was able to put together the bike of his dreams:

So how did the Cavazzo link come about?

“We were visiting a trade show and the Cavazzo story really stood out to us: one frame, four bikes. It’s a simple but unique approach that supports the Dorvics ethos of custom-building bikes so the rider gets exactly what they want and a price similar to an off-the-shelf bike. The customer buys the frame, and we work with them to specify the wheels, tyres, groupset and finishing kit, all at the right size, configuration and budget for the rider.”

What parts have you fitted to your bike and what inspired your choices?

“My Cavazzo was built to a cyclocross spec and blended with some Gravel Bike ability. The chunky carbon frame and fork are mounted on Hunt Mason CX wheels with through-axles, and shod with Panaracer Gravel King tubeless tyres, with amber walls just to add a touch of class. Just one quick change of tyres would turn it into a full CX bike as the frame already has the right geometry, clearance and internal cable routing.

“Choosing the groupset was an easy choice. I went for the new 2018 SRAM Force CX 1×11 with hydraulic discs – it’s s perfect for CX and fast gravel tracks, with gear ratios selected for grinding up steep muddy inclines and down fast tracks. The Deda 100 finishing kit all comes from the Tifosi UK distributor, and along with a nice Selle Italia saddle and single sided pedals from ISIS, I can use the bike for serious riding as well as for getting around town.”

Now you’ve been out on it, how does it ride?

“It was like riding on a magic carpet! I couldn’t feel the changes in road surfaces or rough tarmac as I do on my ‘normal’ bikes. The combination of chunky and stiff carbon frame, hand-built Hunt wheels and tubeless Panaracer 38c tyres was spot-on. As I was on tarmac I pumped the tyres up to the maximum PSI and it rolled as smoothly as 25c tyres on a road bike. After a 40-mile test ride, dodging potholes and other terrible bits of road, I was sold on the Cavazzo as my new ‘all round’ bike.

“The SRAM Force groupset is a dream. It needed a bit of fine-tuning to get working but once sorted, gear changes were slick and positive. The hydraulic disc brakes are as good as you’d expect, stopping my 100kg mass (stop sniggering at the back there!) without a flinch, and as the whole bike weighs just over 8kg, taking it on the LBRCC club ride alongside the ‘roadies’ wasn’t an issue.”

And what about its off-road capabilities?

“On my way home from the club ride I decided to go off-piste. Along the canal towpath it ran beautifully, confidently gripping and slicing through mud while absorbing the vibration from the changing surfaces. Up into Rushmere Country Park, the groupset excelled, with slick changes up the cassette as the muddy incline got steeper, while the tyres didn’t flinch, even out of their comfort zone.”

How much did your bike come to?

“At ‘my’ spec, the bike would retail at around £2800. That may sound like a lot, but it is a full-on top-spec CX bike. We’ve already built another one to a touring specification: strong wheels with long-distance tyres, mudguards, rear rack and a Shimano triple Tiagra groupset. It’s the same frame as my CX Cavazzo, with the same look and feel, but now with the ability to carry the rider and luggage on long-distance tours, Audax rides or even just daily commutes.

What would you say are the advantages of a bespoke bike?

“Building a custom bike, gives you something unique to you, fitted perfectly, with no compromises, within your budget and without the chance of seeing another like it out on the roads. Building your own bike also allows you to get to know it intimately, which can be so rewarding.

“At Dorvics, we can work with you to create your perfect bike. We’ll discuss and choose the components, gear ratios, stem and bar widths, tyre choice and even select the wheels based on the type of riding you do, your weight and your power output. We’ll make sure everything is compatible and won’t forget finishing touches like bar tape and head tube spacers.

“Building a complete bike from a box of bits will take 2-3 hours and we encourage you to watch, or even help, as your bike is ‘created’. It’s like being at the birth of your child and you’ll get to be the first to ride it.”

To find out more about your perfect bike, get in touch with us today. Alternatively, Ashley’s Cavazzo can be made available for a test ride for riders of a similar height (around 6ft) – simply pop in for a chat to find out more.