Terms & Conditions (Sales & Repairs)

Terms & Conditions (Sales & Repairs) 2018-08-10T18:26:04+01:00

We don’t like too many rules and pride ourselves on building true customer relationships and being flexible. In order for us to be as responsive as possible and fair to all of our customers, please note the following terms in relation to servicing and repairs;


  • There is a minimum charge for any work of £15 per 15 minutes. Advice is free but if we work on your bike at all we will need to make a charge as it is taking a mechanic away from another customers bike.


  • Bikes must be collected on the agreed day. We have limited storage and leaving your bike here for longer than planned means we cannot serve other customers. Bikes not collected within 24 hours of the agreed time will be taken to off-site storage and a charge of £20 per week incurred.


  • Please bring your bike in without generic viagra vs kamagra excessive mud and dirt. Mud usually contains other unpleasant things like dog and horse excrement which are a health hazzard to our staff. We will clean grease etc. from components and wipe off road grime but if your bike is excessively dirty an extra charge of £15 will be made.


  • We do not lend out tools. Apart from being expensive, believe it or not there are laws we have to abide by that protect you from using tools that may be specialist, or need training to use. If you use one of our tools and hurt yourself, we could be liable.


  • Many parts replaced on your bike are recycled by a specialist company who recycle bicycles and donate proceeds to charity. If you want to keep your old parts please let us know before we carry out any work.



Many thanks


Team Dorvics.