How much is that bikey in the window?

How much is that bikey in the window?

Just arrived, a lovely new pretty single speed / fixie, it’s taken pride of place in the shop window and has been turning heads all week.

Cinelli have drawn on their extensive knowledge of fixed gear bicycles to create the Tipo Pista. The result is a lightweight aluminium bike that’s as happy on the track as it is in the city. The Tipo Pista’s small, 35mm fork rake and extra long dropouts allow for perfect chain tension. Round tube profiles throughout, give the frame a classic look. Whilst the 24mm diameter rear stays increase lateral stiffness.

This Tipo Pista is a great model to welcome you into the Cinelli family. It is the perfect introduction to the world of fixed gear riding on or off track and to the pub and back.

Available in all sizes, pop in to take a closer look, it’s only £774.99 and we can have it ready for your next pay day..