Servicing and repairs

We'll keep your bike in top condition for every kind of riding

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To keep your bike running smoothly and efficiently, we recommend a main service every 12 months and a basic service every six months. This will make your bike last longer and your cycling even more of a pleasure.

Fitting of any minor parts, such as tyres and brake pads, is included in the service charge, but other parts used will be charged extra (see below for details). If you’re worried about the cost of a particular job, we’re happy to provide estimates before we start work – simply bring your bike in for us to assess.


From £60
  • Brake check and adjustment
  • Gear check and adjustment
  • Tyre pressure and wear checks
  • Wheel and hub checks
  • Wheel truing
  • Headset adjustment
  • Chain and drivetrain wear checks
  • Chain cleaning and lubrication
  • Brake and gear cable cleaning and lubrication
  • Component torque check
  • Diagnostics check
  • Assessment of any further work required


Only £35
  • Brake and gear adjustment
  • Lubrication
  • Tyre check
  • Safety check


From £15
  • Inner cable and outer housing replacement, including adjustments and brake service £22 (plus cost of cables)
  • Hydraulic brake service: bleeding and adjustment, brake pad removal, cleaning and inspection, fluid replacement £30(plus cost of fluid/mineral oil)
  • Disc brake fitting (single, to suitable frame/forks) £15


From £20
  • Gear cable replacement and adjustment, and gear service (pair) £25 (plus cost of cables)
  • Front derailleur replacement and adjustment £25
  • Rear derailleur replacement and adjustment £17
  •  Combined brake and gear service £40 (plus cost of cables)
  • Drive chain and cassette/freewheel replacement £30 (recommended as a pair to stop slipping and reduce wear rates)
  • Bottom bracket replacement and adjustment £30
  • Chainset/crankset replacement £25
  • Crank pedal thread retapping £8 (pair £15)

Bike valet

A thorough clean, a full degreasing and a re-lubrication of components to keep everything looking shiny and running smoothly.


Pre-delivery inspection

Make sure your boxed bike bargain is built properly, safely and professionally. Our builds meet British Standard BS6102 (Part 1, 1992) and included a check after six weeks and a service after 12 months.


Complete bike build

If you’ve got the parts, we can build it! A complete custom bike build, or a swap of all parts from one frame to another.


* not including componentry

Bike build from boxed £35

MOT and insurance evaluation

Suffered accidental damage? Put your bike in for a safety check and insurance evaluation for peace of mind.


Stand-alone repairs

Anything else that doesn’t come under the above is charged at £60 per hour, with a minimum charge of £15. We can provide a quote after reviewing your bike for approval.

Tyres and Wheels

Tyre/tube replacement £10 single, £17 pair (plus cost of tyre/tube)

Wheel build £40 single, £70 pair

Wheel truing £15


Most accessories we supply are fitted free of charge. Please ask if there is anything specific you require and we will gladly deliver your order as part of our service.

Fitting and adjustment of lights, computer, kickstand, child carrier, mudguard, luggage rack, bottle and cage, etc. starts from £15 (plus cost of parts)

Bars, grips and tape

Handlebar tape replacement £20 (plus tape)

Stem replacement £20

Grip replacement £10

Overhaul Service – £120

We highly recommend our Overhaul Service for any keen cyclist, off-roaders and classic bike restoration. Costing £120, it includes everything in the main service, plus:

Bike valet
Complete strip-down
Component cleaning and re-greasing
Full component check
Brake service, including inner and outer casing changes
Disc brake cleaning (where relevant)
System adjustment and bleeding
Gear cable change and tuning (cables cost extra)
Wheel tensioning and truing