I have a great idea !

Some people say he was mad to invest in a bike shop when so many are closing down across the country as internet sales take over. But Leighton Buzzard has got to be the most cycling centric town for miles around. The culture is here, the passion is here, the cycling clubs need their own local bike shop. Initial support is proving that Ashley is not that mad!


The Sensible One

A successful businessman with expceptional experience in the retail industry, Baz is pulling the ‘back end’ of the business together and keeping the staff focused on providing a service to the local cyclists. Ensuring that everyone else doesn’t spend the day drool over bikes, tools and the latest trick components…


The Happy One

Always smiling and happy, no matter how challenging the task is. Tim has loads of experience maintaining a wide variety of bikes for a large bike retailer. Now at Dorvics, adding more expertise to the gang.


The Meticulous One

Fresh out of Cytech Training Camp, Kevin brings to Dorvics loads of bike knowledge and attention to detail. Text book bike mechanics!


The Apprentice

An avid Time Trialist, beating all Strava Segments between Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard on his way to the office.


The Engineer

Sometimes called the Spanner, on his way to an Engineer’s degree, Josh is the educated one.


The Clever One

Loads of bike fixing experience and knows a few tricks or two.


The Team Captain

Bringing the shop all together and keeping the customers happy.